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Things To Consider

So, you’re considering purchase of an at home DNA test kit.  There are a number of factors that should go into the decision.  Security of personal information, ancestry or health based, quality of the results and finally, what you can do with the information.  There is one at home DNA test that checks all the boxes; it is from Uforia Science.

Security Of Your Information

According to Businessinsider.com  companies 23andMe, Ancestry, and Helix have collected data from billions of customers and stored it in their databases.

Information is being shared with numerous pharmaceutical giants as well as companies like P&G for product development.  Just think about that and ask, “Is this what I signed up for”?  Yes, you may be paying only $50 for a test but the reason is, they are making huge dollars out of selling your information.  Essentially, in my opinion, you are paying to have your information shared!  Not cool.

You can read the entire article here.  For your safety and security, it’s imperative that the company is HIPPA Certified and compliant, that way you are assured your information will not be shared to third parties, EVER.

Uforia Science at home DNA kit is HIPPA and CLIA compliant and certified which assures you that your information will never be sold to a third party for its research and product development.

Ancestry or Health Based

The concept of finding out about your ancestry is interesting and has helped a number of people find long lost relatives based on genetic matches .  Beyond that, there’s not alot one can do with the information but, if that’s your goal, go fo it.  As I said earlier, be aware of information sharing because those companies are not HIPPA compliant.

DNA analysis to screen for diseases is in my mind a very slippery slope.  I do not believe that this should be done without guidance from a medical professional.  To request this information has emotional ramifications that should not be done on your own.  I can’t even imagine opening up an envelope at home to find out you carry a genetic marker that says you’re at risk of developing a serious disease.  If you’re concerned about it, talk to your Doctor and let them test for specific markers before you scare yourself silly.

DNA testing for nutritional requirements is however, something that should be considered for overall health.  Finding out how your body is genetically predisposed to respond to inflammation, process lipids, use collagen and absorb vitamins, are a few of the many benefits from this type of testing.  Uforia Science does this  using 18 “Actionable” genetic markers that can be addressed with proper nutritional supplementation (more about this below).  What is critical is knowing exactly what your body needs, getting your nutritional supplements in the right form and in the right amounts.  That is what Uforia Science is all about, it is cutting edge, it is precise and no one else has the exacting standards that they do.   Find out how your body is genetically wired and respond with precise delivery of nutrients.

A popular vitamin store has also determined that this is the way of the future and has started their own version of DNA testing.  I cannot find any information about whether or not they’re HIPPA compliant so I’m assuming they’re not, and data sharing is possible.  As well, instead of having one supplement mixed to your exact needs, it requires you to purchase numerous bottles of supplements which adds up to a lot of pills, in possible the wrong dosage and a lot of money.

Your Nutritional Health

Genetic research has determined that there are 16 Genes and 18 SNP’s or “Snips” that are deemed ACTIONABLE.  ACTIONABLE GENES are genes where there is an “action” you can take. SNP’s are a Single Nucleotide Poly-morphism, they are the most common type of genetic variation among people. Each SNP represents a substitution of a single DNA building block, called a nucleotide. These variations in your genes affect certain functions in your body. The Uforia Science DNA home test kits identify the Actionable Snips, take the information and put it to use based on results of your unique profile.  Just imagine that science for a moment, having precise supplements made for your genetic code that will provide your body exactly what it needs to function at optimum levels!  As a self-proclaimed science geek, I’m in awe of the bio-chemistry; this works at the cellular level in your body.  Wow, just WOW!  The following videos explain some of the Snips and what effect they have on your body and overall wellbeing.

The materials in the Uforia supplements are provided in raw form for optimum function.  The supplements are delivered in the right active form which means it doesn’t need to be broken down in the body before it can get into the cells for use.  These supplements are highly bioavailable to your body.  Why does this matter?  It matters because for example, if you are taking a vitamin B12 supplement, you need to be taking the right type, did you know there are 3 types?  Taking the wrong one or too much of anything may be making you feel worse.  There is no point spending money on the wrong vitamins!!!!

Uforia initially starts you with a 30 supply of a gentle cellular cleans when you order your package.  This is to be taken while you await your personalized supplements.  This is called the Pre-trition package and it’s composed of vitamins, minerals and prebiotics that set the stage and prep your body for your personal Utrition supplements.  It contains antioxidants, Vitamins A, C and E, Niacin, B-Complex, Folate, Biotin and Zinc and it’s designed to give an extra little punch to your body to set it up and cleanse on a cellular level.



Security Of Your Information With Uforia

The security of your data is of paramount concern to Uforia.  Your information will never be sold and your DNA swabs are destroyed after analysis.  

When your initial package arrives you will register yourself with the bar code before your swab is sent off.  No where, from your swab leaving your house through the DNA lab is your name on the sample.  Identification is by bar code only.  The only place you will find your name is on your personal supplements which come from the HIPPA and CLIA compliant and certified labs.  Your information is secure with Uforia ALWAYS!

In Summary

Secure personal information, accurate results on “Actionable DNA Snips” and a custom nutrition supplement built for you.  All the boxes checked.

Are You Ready for Your Best Self?

If you’ve ever had questions about how your body processes nutrients you can now find the answers you’ve been looking for.  Instead of a snapshot in time with a blood test this is specific knowledge of how your body is built to work and now you can help it work it’s best.  Give you body the nutrition it’s screaming for!

The Utritionator Waiting To Make Your Formau
Sydney Macleod

Sydney Macleod


I’m a retired Geologist, equestrian, married mother of two grown kids and numerous animals.  I received my BSc in 1985 and enjoyed working in the Oil business for many years before deciding to stay home and raise my family full time.

I never really gave much thought about nutritional challenges before I had children.  I’ll make a very long story short; after many years of our Doctor treating symptoms (not good enough for me), after trying to get to the bottom of issues with private testing, Naturopaths, expensive supplements (that were given hoping they’d help but it was a guessing game), and my own research we have a better handle on the causes but are still treating unresolved symptoms.  Suffice it to say, the many, many thousands of dollars that have been spent are still a source of frustration especially when the problems hadn’t been completely resolved.

I recently went to a University lecture by a prominent team of doctors, including an oncologist and internist, a nutritional specialist and an artificial intelligence specialist. It was on Precision Medicine.  They each spoke about the power of DNA helping put together an accurate picture for individual recommendations and treatments.  A huge lightbulb went off and I hoped eventually an affordable DNA test to help pinpoint the sources of physical ailments would be developed. I’ve spent enough time frustrated and worried!

Fast forward to when my trusted friend Tina ran this opportunity by me. Back to my research to make sure the science was solid and that a good team of physicians was working behind the scenes.  I could not find a reason not to press ahead and join the Uforia Science Team.  I thought, finally, this is the best chance to finally get an answer.  So here I am, moving forward. If I’m able to help a family member or a friend or help myself by nipping any issues in the bud, I’m very excited!

This company is backed and run by a reputable, successful team and as a distributor, the training being offered is unparalleled!  I’m currently building my team if you’d like to join this amazing opportunity that’s still in it’s launch phase.  I truly believe this is the answer people are looking for to optimize their health.  For more information go ahead and click here, send me an email or check the blog posts.

Are you ready for your personal DNA profile and your unique vitamin, mineral and herb supplement program as a customer or to spread the word as a distributor?  I’d love to hear from you.

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