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When All Hell Breaks Loose

We are in an absolutely unprecedented crazy time!  Who would have thought that the world would be on lockdown, and so many people would be laid off because going to work is not allowed? Crazy!

If you’re one of them, what is your Plan B?  You’re not alone if you said “I never thought I would need one”.  There is a reason that “work from home business ideas” , or a version of that has been googled so often.  I heard a stat the other day that the searches have gone from 5000/day to 100,000/day!  Take heart in that you are not alone and there are a ton of opportunities out there but you may need to think outside the box a bit.

Work From Home Business Ideas

The options are truly endless, but I’m betting you’ve never looked before so you had no idea.  Many of the options for work from home business can start part time and with work can maybe turn into your plan A.  The first question you need to ask yourself is “what interests you”?  You really need to narrow this down because, I’m not going to lie to you, working from home is hard work. However, once you find something that interests you,  it is contagious and compelling when you write about it or talk about it.

If you see an “Earn 6 Figures in a month” run far, far away!  More often than not, these are not legitimate opportunities and most are based overseas.  There have been many companies over the years that have been sued or shut down by the FTC for misleading people into joining businesses with absolutely unreasonable earning guarantees.  Here’s what I suggest to you, find a subject that interests you, google it and start your due diligence.

I’ve been working from home for a while and, if it’s something you want to do then I see a couple of good options for you.  Monetized blogs and MLMs.  Now don’t freak out here and think, she’s absolutely crazy, there’s no way I could do a blog and MLMs are shady pyramid schemes where I have to bug my friends and family, hang in there with me.  The world is literally your oyster here if you’re willing to think outside your box.

If you want to start up a monetized blog, you’ll need to be willing to research material to write about or have good experience in it.  You’ll need to set up a website on your own to save money and for this and your writing, I can’t recommend proper training enough!  If you want to join a MLM or Direct Sales company, I have some recommendations for you to follow when looking.

A Blog

The nice thing about a blog is that the world is your oyster, pick a topic and hit the ground running.  A monetized blog usually entails having Affiliate sales programs from companies like Amazon or Share-A-Sale or if you have something uniques that you manufacture perhaps Shopify is the way to go.  Here’s an example for you; you love quilting, it is your hobby and your passion.  You could do free mini instructional videos and blog posts and have people sign up for paid courses that are more detailed.  You can become an Affiliate to a company that sells supplies online and link to those products in your training and you will earn commission whenever someone purchase through your link.  Do you get the picture?  The possibilities are extensive for you.  The training I used to set up the Affiliate blog that I have was Wealthy Affiliate and I thought they did an excellent job of walking me through the steps of getting set up.

The downsides of a blog is that

  1. It can take a lot of time to get your website seen and ranked high in search engines. This means it can take a while to get traffic, have people read and then shop make money off of it.  Patience is a virtue here; it’s the If you build it they will come mentality.
  2. Low commissions are common.  Affiliate commissions with Amazon, Share-A-Sale, Target etc., will AVERAGE around 10%.  If you’re selling everyday items it can take a while to build up any significant income.  MLMs on the other hand will offer commissions like 30% for initial purchase and, if you choose the company wisely there will be residual commissions that can be suit lucrative.

A MLM Company

Most people consider MLM companies “The dark side”, I get it, it did once too.  They’ve been called Pyramid Schemes out to make you purchase a gazilian dollars worth of goods to peddle.  The good news is that the bad apples get shut down by the FTC or sued for a gazillian dollars. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in there are bad apples, it is not unique to Direct Sales. A pyramid scheme is really any business if you think about it. Look at the photo to the right; any corporate structure from the top down is shaped like a pyramid.  The better the staff performs, the better the executive is rewarded.   My point is, put that terminology as something bad out of your mind. Business Structures

Here’s the truth, if you’re looking for work from home business ideas then MLM is probably the best way to go for faster income earning.  If the company provides you with training, already made websites a support department that stands behind you to answer questions and built in mentors with no, or very low start up costs then what’s so bad about that?  Do you know what the difference between MLMs and the major brands you see on television?  Advertising.  Instead of putting money into costly campaigns, the companies rely on their Distributors and word of mouth and they earn commission.   Beauty, bit coin, travel or health and wellness, there is something for everyone plus they are layoff proof.

With the average person in their 50’s having less and less money in their savings, there are retirement specialists that recommend we have an MLM business to help keep our income flowing in our retirement years.  Read what Forbes Magazine Contributor Robert Laura has to say in Would You Join A Multi-Level Marketing Company For Retirement Income?

YUP, We’ve All Met The Annoying In Your Face Network Marketer

They are annoying and creepy.  They are the ones you see coming and run like hell in the other direction.  These are typically rookies making a mistake because they haven’t had proper guidance and training so I’ll usually cut them some slack but yes, they are completely obnoxious.  There is no need to be that person.

What You Should Know When Choosing A Company

  1. First, I always recommend due diligence because that’s just me.  I don’t do anything without looking into it and asking questions.  If the company or people you’re talking with resent your questions, then walk away.
  2. Second, is the company new and in growth mode or is it well established and been around for years? I personally have seen the profitable well established companies be a tough slog for newbies because the market is pretty saturated with salespeople and customers.  I like the company that is new the the marketplace, and is growing with expansion plans.
  3. Third, does the product have a ton of competition or is it one of a kind?  When I talk about competition, look at other MLM companies,other online Affiliate selling and brick and mortar.  If for example you like the idea of CBD, look at how many MLMs are available and, look at the number of walk in brick and mortar stores, look at how many retail outlets it’s sold in, is it sold on Amazon, you get the idea.  If there’s a lot of competition and options for where to purchase, I wouldn’t recommend it.  Personally, that’s not attractive to me as a prospective business.
  4. Finally, and this is huge, compliance.  There have been many companies that have been sued or shut down because they haven’t been compliant and have gotten into trouble with the FTC of the FDA.  If the company that you are looking at makes medical claims, miraculous claims for skin or financial guarantees, they are likely non-compliant and will likely end up in trouble one way or another.

Why I Chose My Work From Home Business

Let me start by saying, I wasn’t looking for a new business.  I was pretty comfortable in my retirement and enjoying my hobbies that had more than filled my day.  I had my interests and my pet projects in promoting cruelty-free companies and had my hobby of following health and wellness trends.  I had discovered the research into DNA a number of years ago after attending a University lecture and I was hooked on the science and the possibilities.  I had told a number of friends what was to come for preventative health using DNA down the line and low and behold, one day, one of those friends said “look what I just saw”.The scientist in me kicked in and my due diligence began.  The company was so new that there was virtually nothing about the company itself so I had to do a deep dive into the science.  Once I had the science researched I had the opportunity to ask questions, lots of questions.  Now, up to this point I hadn’t experienced a lot of MLM sales. The research that I did on MLM talked about shady companies and annoying salespeople; it almost made me run for the hills.  Instead, I asked about who was behind the company, what training was being offered, how reps were compensated and the compliance policy.  Once more, I headed off to research the people and double check all the information that I had been given.  Here’s what I ended up with; the company is headed by Ron Williams, former CEO of Young Living Oils who came out of retirement to head this company.  The research, lab and manufacturing is run by Terry Lacore/ Lacore Enterprises, extremely well respected in the health and wellness manufacturing and research sector.  The company charges $39.99/year for two websites, an app for your smartphone and training by Eric Worre Go Pro Academy valued at $10,000.


Most importantly to me, this group is doing what no one else in the world can do and that is to make a 100% custom nutritional product for you and only you.  This cannot be sold on Amazon, eBay or any other third party sites.  The direct sales part of the business is MLM but, there is also a professional wellness practitioner program that is B2B for those that would like to add medical practices to their client list.  The compensation plan is very competitive with initial purchase commission and residual income, a total of seven ways to be paid.  Finally, the company is a little over a year on the market after 25 years of research. On top of being the only company to do what we do, they are adding DNA reports for diet, lifestyle and fitness plans plus skin care geared to your DNA.

What Company Is This?

The company is called Uforia Science and I invite you to watch this 90 second video that gives an overview of what we do.  I’d also like to invite you to choose a questionnaire to see if this business and its products are a fit for you.  I’m happy to talk on the phone to answer questions  and send you more information with absolutely no obligation.

With Covid-19 shutdowns and isolation in full effect, the company understands that $40 may be a stretch for some right now so they are waiving the startup fee for the month of April.  To top that off, I’d like to help where I can so I’m offering the first month of Pretrition for free, a $159 value for new business partners.  All you are responsible for is your $99 lab analysis fee.  My partners will also have access to my system of automation and lead generation.  Helping with keeping people healthy is my passion and if I’m able help even one person out with this offer I will be happy.  You can start your plan B today while looking to restart your plan A.

If my work from home business idea is of interest, it’s best if you text me or email me for more information or to set up an appointment.  Now is a great time to get involved in a unique health and wellness company. I’d be happy to help you get started; we’ve got a wonderful supportive group of people that are here to help whenever we need or want it.

Stay healthy friends!


  • Sydney Macleod,BSc
  • Uforia Science;  dnaglobalsyd@gmail.com
  • cell# 403-540-0304



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