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What is a SNP (also known as  A Snip)?

SNPs (pronounced “snips”), Single nucleotide polymorphisms, are the most common type of genetic variation among people. Each SNP represents a difference in a single DNA building block, called a nucleotide.  Snips occur throughout our DNA and are inherited from our parents.

On average, Snips occur once in every 300 nucleotides and can act as biological markers.  Research has determined there are Snips that help predict a persons pre-disposition to improper nutrient absorption, susceptibility to environmental toxins and even an individuals response to certain drugs.  Some Snips are from “Actionable Genes” and Uforia Science is working with those genes to help with customized nutrition plans.


Actionable Genes

Uforia Science analyses “Actionable Genes” only.  An “Actionable Gene” is one where there is an action that can be taken if there is a Snip that affects certain functions within your body such as vitamin absorption.

The graphic below explains the biology of cells and DNA as well as the Actionable Snips that are part of the Uforia DNA analysis.

Biology of the cell and DNA with Overview of Actionable Genes


 Healthy Lifestyle

The Uforia program is part of your healthy lifestyle and designed to enhance your overall health and wellbeing.  This is nutrition that is customized to what YOUR DNA is saying that YOUR BODY NEEDS.  Do you know if you properly absorb Vitamin D, do you know about your body’s need for B12, do you know what type of B12 you need?  Your Snips hold all  the answers to this and so much more!  Why play the guessing game and have cupboards full of supplements that may not be doing anything or maybe even making you feel worse because it’s not right for you?  That is what Utrition by Uforia is all about.  Getting your body what it needs.


How Do Supplements Help Our DNA?

Yes there are White Papers for each ingredient.  The lab the supplements are process in is world class and the intellectual software has been 20 years in the making so that ingredients can be included my the microgram.  There are a number of video by Dr. Jen Myers, Certified Geneticist in the Video SNP’s that explains it best.


SNiPs…Who Knew?

A funny little name for something that is so critical to who you are.  Brown eyes or blue, blonde or red head, inadequate processor of vitamins or not, good or not so good metabolic processor; SNiPs tell the story.

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Are You Ready To Take Conrol Of What Your Body Is Telling You It Needs?

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Sydney Macleod

Sydney Macleod

Independant Utritionist

I’m a retired Geologist, equestrian, cruelty-free blogger and advocate, married, mother of two grown kids and numerous animals.  I received my BSc in 1985 and enjoyed working in the Oil business for many years before deciding to stay home and raise my family full time.

I never really gave much thought about nutritional challenges before I had children.  I’ll make a very long story short; after many years of our Doctor treating symptoms (not good enough for me), after trying to get to the bottom of issues with private testing, Naturopaths, expensive supplements (that were given hoping they’d help but it was a guessing game), and my own research we have a better handle on the causes but are still treating unresolved symptoms.  Suffice it to say, the many, many thousands of dollars that have been spent are still a source of frustration especially when the problems hadn’t been completely resolved.

I recently went to a University lecture by a prominent team of doctors, including an oncologist and internist, a nutritional specialist and an artificial intelligence specialist. It was on Precision Medicine.  They each spoke about the power of DNA helping put together an accurate picture for individual recommendations and treatments.  A huge lightbulb went off and I hoped eventually an affordable DNA test to help pinpoint the sources of physical ailments would be developed. I’ve spent enough time frustrated and worried!

Fast forward to when my trusted friend Tina ran this opportunity by me. Back to my research to make sure the science was solid and that a good team of physicians was working behind the scenes.  I could not find a reason not to press ahead and join the Uforia Science Team.  I thought, finally, this is the best chance to finally get an answer.  So here I am, moving forward. If I’m able to help a family member or a friend or help myself by nipping any issues in the bud, I’m very excited!

This company is backed and run by a reputable, successful team and as a distributor, the training being offered is unparalleled!  I’m currently building my team if you’d like to join this amazing opportunity that’s still in it’s launch phase.  I truly believe this is the answer people are looking for to optimize their health.  For more information go ahead and click here, send me an email or check the blog posts.

Are you ready for your personal DNA profile and your unique vitamin, mineral and herb and whole food supplement program?  I’d love to hear from you.

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