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Why The Uforia DNA Home Test Kit?

You’ve no doubt seen on TV the variety of DNA home test kits available on the market. Learning your ancestry is a wonderful thing for sure but, wouldn’t it be great if there was

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Videos: How It Works

Here is some video explaining Uforia Science.  You’ll learn about the testing process and how the results are put to work to solve your individual needs.

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Healthy Weight, Healthy Heart, Healthy Inflammation, What Do You Think Your DNA Looks Like?

Do you ever wonder what DNA Snips you’ve inherited from your parents?  The Uforia Science DNA test will tell you about the Snips below and whether you inherited from one or both of your

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Videos: SNP’s

What is a SNP (also referred to a Snips)?  It is a Single Nucleotide Poly-morphism, the most common type of genetic variation among people. Each SNP represents a substitution of a single DNA building

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About Me

Hi everyone, I’m Sydney Macleod, a retired Geologist, equestrian, married mother of two grown kids and numerous animals.  I received my BSc in 1985 and enjoyed working in the Oil business for many years

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