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Custom Nutrition

Made According to Your Genetic Needs

DNA Analysis specific to Actionable Genes

There are genes that determine hair colour and eye colour, those we can’t change.  There are 18 genes and variants that are deemed ‘actionable” and can directly impact our health.  Actionable means, they have been studied and researched for ways to mitigate the negative effects of variants.  All research is White Papered and has shown that precise supplementation of vitamins, minerals and specific whole foods can enhance the function of our genes.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Although I have yet to hear of anyone returning their supplements, if you are not satisfied you may return within 30 days for a refund

Custom Plans

Each person has their own unique DNA so your nutritional supplements will reflect that.  Choosing from almost 100 ingredients using complex algorithms, your supplements are made fresh every month to your your body’s exact specifications.

Be Able To Incorporate Health intoYour Busy Lifestyle

There are no arduous meal plans and no special ingredients to run out and buy.  You start with a simple and gently 30 day cellular cleans while you wait for your test results.  Within 3 to 4 weeks your results are emailed to you and your custom supplements will be made and delivered to you.  You can cancel or postpone delivery at any time, no penalty.

You simply take the supplements as directed and that’s it.  Keep living your healthy lifestyle and fuel your body with exactly what it needs.

Having Trouble Finding a Nutritous Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Your body can tell you exactly what it needs.  Instead of wandering the vitamin aisles in search of the latest and greatest supplement, it is easy to get the vitamins, minerals and whole food supplements delivered right to your door.

A quick cheek swab, a confidential DNA analysis and an easy to read and understand report will fill in the blanks.  Drawing from almost 100 ingredients, you’re custom supplement is made to your exacting specifications.  A full ingredient list is provided for you and your medical practitioner to review.

Go to the quiz to see if this is right for you.

How I can Help

I’m here for you and want to help!  I have clients in their 20’s all the way up to in their 80’s, they are all health conscious and their needs vary from wanting to feel their best, have better sleep and more energy to improving their athletic performance to aging as well as they can.

What category do you fit in?

Help when you need it.

You are not abandoned once your order is placed.  I’m available to chat anytime and I offer a special service to my clients.

I have poured over hours of scientific research and webinars to help you put the pieces of your genetic report together.  The report is easy to read but many people want to know “how does this affect me?” or “how does this all fit together?”.

I’ve got you and we can go through it together.

Sports Nutrition

Athletes are typically very in tune with their bodies.  It’s critical not only to fuel your body with good nutrients but to understand where you have weaknesses that may be holding you back.  If you think of it like a car with old spark plugs; filling the car with premium fuel will make very little difference if the spark plugs aren’t firing properly.  Our bodies are similar, our cellular health is the spark plug and the nutrients are the gas.

I absolutely love it when athletes notice a change, because no one that lives a healthy lifestyle can stress a body like athletes.

Your Custom Supplement

Custom made according to your DNA profile.  We target the heavy hitter actionable genes:

Healthy lipid support

Mitochondrial Function

Healthy Inflammatory Response


Healthy Weight Management

Vitamin B12 absorption

Oxidative Stress

Healthy Immune

Homocysteine Folate

Homocysteine Healthy Heart

CoQ10 Energy

Lipid Oxidation Support

Free Radical Defense

Vitamin D receptor

Weight Loss

You’re frustrated with your weight and can’t seem to figure out how to get it off and how to keep it off.

This is so common and what you may not know is that we have two actionable genes that are specific to healthy weight management.  Your genes however, do not need to be your destiny!

Click watch the webinar to see our Geneticist Dr. Jen Myers talk about the Healthy Weight Management genes!








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Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but it Doesn’t Have To Be

Lets be real, how many of us actually eat 100% percent balanced all the time?  Life does get in the way and we get busy so how can we?

This is why it’s so important to be able to incorporate the nutrients our bodies really need into our supplements.  Imagine getting exactly what we need every single day even if we skimp on our fruits and veggies!

When your supplements are manufactured right before delivery to you in a CLIA certified facility you know that the ingredients are fresh and haven’t been sitting on a shelf for months or years!  Your supplements are vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and of the highest quality available ALWAYS.  If you have food allergies or restrictions, we can eliminate it from your formula as we want the best for you.

About Sydney

I’m a retired geologist and science geek that loves research and helping people feel their best.

I’d been following genetic science for two years waiting for an opportunity like this to hit the market.  When a one of a kind, custom formula comes along and checks all my research boxes, I had to try it.

When something makes a difference for my life, I feel I have to share it.  I went from thinking I felt good to “WHAT?”  I had no idea I could sleep better, have more energy all day, control my crazy appetite and have a stabilized mood.  What’s not to love about that?

Precision medicine is becoming mainstream and nutrigenomics is part of that.  To be pro-active with our health, age gracefully and as healthy and vibrant as possible,  help you perform your best as an athlete or a weekend warrior and just to feel good is what it’s all about for me.


My Approach

First, I like to make it clear that I am not a doctor so I’m not able to diagnose you.  I always recommend that if you’re having a specific issue talk to your Medical Professional.  I am here to offer you an opportunity to look into your genetics to feel, perform and look your best.

I love talking to people, yes actual talking!  It’s much more personal and it’s much easier for Q and A.  If it’s not for you, that’s OK, I’m not here to push anyone into anything…EVER.


My Process

Have a look around, check the articles below that speak to the power of genetic research, go to my blog, have a look at my customer page or book a call.

I’m alway happy to answer questions for you and help you make a decision one way or another.

Articles on the power of genetics

**please note any advertisements included in the articles below are in no way endorsed by this site or by Uforia Science**

How Functional Genetics Can Help You take Control of your Health


Cat’s Claw, also known as AC-11 is an ingredient that is in everyones Uforia formula.


Now, what if you could take this a step further? What if you could use the results to customize a nutritional product that is made EXCLUSIVELY for your OWN BODY? Well, you can! Cool right?


Whether genetic potential will eventually manifest as a disease depends on a complex interplay between the human genome and environmental and behavioural factors.


Our Chief Science Officer studies macular degeneration and speaks to the power of using genetics. This article, written by others, studying ocular health is an example of how far genetics has come with glaucoma prevention.


The good news is you don’t HAVE to be Vegan!

Peer reviewed studies show that proper and precise supplementation with vitamins,minerals and whole foods will alter the way your actionable genes function. The key is a healthy lifestyle combined with the right combination of ingredients.


“Health Care”=”Sick Care” Are you someone who understands that there is NOT one diet or supplementation program that works for everyone?


Panic attacks and anxiety can be linked to low levels of Vitamin B6 and Iron. Your genetics is a determining factor of Vitamin B absorption and use by your body.


Lack of quality sleep; not only does it make it tough to get through the day it could be a contributor to major health issues as laid out in this article.


An interview with Uforia Founder and CEO Ron Williams.  He talks all things Uforia, his vision and his philosophy.


Can Nutrigenomics Help Athletes Reach Their Full Potential?


CRISPR is a new kind of genetic engineering; researchers believe it could revolutionize the way diseases are prevented or treated


Vitamin toxicity is real and potentially very dangerous.  Why would you risk taking too much?

Vitamin D overconsumption leaves man with permanent kidney damage

These are good warning signs but are you genetically susceptible? A poorly performing detoxification system may lead to overwhelmed liver function.  SNP’s in he EPHX1 are supported by ingredients that help increase activity of the EPHX! enzyme and support and enhance the liver’s natural detoxification mechanisms.


Whether that genetic potential will eventually manifest as a disease depends on a complex interplay between the human genome and environmental and behavioural factors.


Healthcare companies are developing technology which utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to analyze genomic data and provide personalized treatment for cancer patients


Brett Hawes runs a clinical practice that integrates Holistic Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Iridology and few other modalities, where he has helped people overcome some pretty serious and complex health conditions.  Here is his take on cardiovascular health and inflammation!

The Real Cause Of Heart Disease;Why Common Treatment Methods Have Failed and What You Can Do About it 

Dr Dale Bredesen of UCLA has demonstrated the reversal of Alzheimers using SNP testing with the use of Nutraceuticals!


Vanderbilt University has been actively researching the use of Nutraceuticals with SNP testing and having positive results treating.

Hypertension and age related Corneal Disease. Hypertension: Is It Time to Replace Drugs With Nutrition and Nutraceuticals?  National Library of Medicine

You may not of heard of Telomeres yet but if anti-aging is of interest to you, you should be aware that shortening of Telomeres is associated with age onset diseases.  Uforia Pre and U-Trition both contain Key Ingredient AC-11 that helps the body repair it’s own DNA, Reduces inflammation, decreases Telomere attrition, enhances immune system and is synergistic with other ingredients.  Read more about what scientists are learning about the dangers of shortened Telomeres in this article.

In Surprising Reversal, Scientists Find A Cellular Process That Stops Cancer Before it Starts: Salk News

Every time I read an article like this I realize how blessed we are as a society to now have access to scientific analysis that is affordable, and has such possibility to help us be proactive with aging.

How Toxins Cause Disease: Institute For Natural Medicine

This is a mind blowing article that reinforces the need to know what vitamins YOUR body needs. 

Panic Attacks And Anxiety Episodes Linked To Vitamin Deficiencies In Groundbreaking Study

Targeted nutrition is a huge part of Precision Medicine.

What is Precision Medicine?; Web MD

Also referred to as “personalized medicine” or “genomic medicine.” This cutting-edge practice takes your environment and lifestyle into account, too.

Precision Medicine: The Future of Healthcare Is Now; Web MD

This is an amazing and heartwarming story about the power of DNA based nutrition.

Precision Medicine: Custom Treatment From Your Genes; WebMD

How lucky we are to have access to this science!  This is what we do.

Applying Genomics to Nutrition and Lifestyle Modification

WOW! Now, we can take this further with DNA driven precision nutrition. Mind blowing!

Good Nutrition Actually Is Food For Thought; Bonnie J Kaplan, Calgary Herald

This interesting article doesn’t speak to nutraceuticals like Uforia specifically, but it does speak to DNA pinpointing exactly what the body needs.

At-home genetic test helps pick the right drugs to treat pain, depression; Chicago Tribune

We started up and 5 weeks later National Geographic covered this technology.

How personalized medicine is transforming your health care; National Geographic

Todays fruits and veggies aren’t nearly as vitamin rich as they were when our parents were growing up. Scientific American explains….

Dirt Poor: Have Fruits and Vegetables Become Less Nutritious?; Scientific American

What is an Industry Disruptor? Think Amazon, Netflix, Uber. What is destined to be the next disruptor? Uforia Science. I’m loving being able to share this amazing technology!

Disruption Vs. Innovation: What’s The Difference?




I have had anxiety attacks for several years and been on antidepressants, after starting on the pretrition I have had no attacks. Then I received my utrition and absolutely no attack and I am also no longer taking any antidepressants. Also the sleep is so much better and wake up feeling alert and ready to start a new day
I am so thankful üforia found me

Dee S.

First just a little introduction…I have used and studied herbs and supplements for 40+ years and they truly are my passion. I started having some very strange health issues mid-Sept. Severe vertigo episode. Then in October both my eyes started closing with no warning. and never knowing how long they would stay closed. I have been in the hospital twice, had 6 MRIs and 6 CTs plus more needle pricks and tests than I can count. I have spent a lot of time in the dark!
Things like MS and Myasthenia gravis have been ruled out, but still no answers. The first week of February my neurologist and I have discussed some options, some I really did not like!
Today I had a checkup with my primary care Dr. oh what a JEWEL she is!!! She said I have no idea what is happening but your labs are changing!!!!
my cholesterol is really down, BP is down, thyroid is normal, ALL of my numbers are in the NORMAL ranges!!! FOR SOMEONE YOUR age this is fabulous!!!!
I started Pretrition in November and my designer Utrition in December!
Now I have to tell you that I have missed taking some of the daily doses because I was sick. total I have probably missed about 10 days.
Both Drs feel I have what is called silent migraines. so we shall see how things progress.
But I can tell you for someone “my age” 68 I will not give up my UTRITION!

p.s. I also have lost 14 pounds since January 30th!!!!!

Sandie L

I had to share this this to everyone WHY because I Im very “EXCITED” since I have been taking my ÜTrition I have had some AMAZING RESULTS that I just wanted to share with everyone.
First I am a diabetic I have not been able to get my numbers under 200, it had been staying between 300/200 for quite some time now.
I have been on this product now for a little over 2 months now and my sugar levels have finally Dropped DOWN into the middle 100s , and my energy level has gone up!!👍

I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have been introduced to this company.

Phyllis E

🌻6 Month Update of my Üforia Journey🌻
🙋‍♀️My BP meds have been cut in half
🙋‍♀️Down 27LBS and working on the rest
🙋‍♀️Best sleep I’ve had in years
🙋‍♀️No more ‘Pretty Light Syndrome’ I stay on task throughout the day
🙋‍♀️Energy to do all the things I need to get accomplished
🙋‍♀️I’m not bloated and feeling yucky all day
🙋‍♀️I can’t necessarily feel everything my Üforia is doing for me but know that I am nourishing my body the best possible way because my DNA 🧬told me so.

Monica A

Thank you Uforia!

I went from being bedridden with having Lyme disease from the past 15 months. One month ago started my Utrition taking baby steps forward each day. I have had many autoimmune diseases over 40 years. My pain is at about a 2 now, I very rarely take a nap during the day. I am up all day and more productive. i was in outside sales (yes lost my sales job due to being sick and know Uforia can be done from home which I am super thankful as I get stronger) and not back to that level of activity yet but have hope to be able start being more productive from home at this time. Having a conversation or completing is getting easier and easier. The Lyme has affected every level of my life. Now my energy level is increasing a little each day. My leg spasms that cause me from putting weight on my legs or walking is minimal today. They still hurt but can walk and be on my feet. My depression has lessened. It matters now what I look like when I leave the house. 😉 If you are not feeling good you know exactly what I mean. I don’t always put make up on right now but do grab my lip stick or gloss. It has only been 1 month that I have been on my Utrition and am so excited for my future!

Linda M

Wishing you all the best health possible!